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Our existing lineup consists of exclusive original titles with global appeal
plus an exceptional fit for the Italian and Greek markets.


TV Documentary / Completed

In 2007, futurist and provocative artist Graziano Cecchini literally colored Rome’s famous monument Trevi fountain in red. In 2008 he launched 500,000 colored balls down the steps of Spanish Square, Rome’s state-of-the-art and all-time-classic grayish location. After numerous police arrests he’ll strike again in 2017, flooding Trevi fountain in red for the second time.

1768 DAYS

TV Documentary / Completed

The life-changing story of Italian convicted politician Totό Cuffaro, former President of the Italian region of Sicily. After having served 1.768 days of jail time, he will experience a surprising turning point through travelling to Burundi.


TV Documentary / Completed

Two twenty-year-olds are one step away from a rare achievement. They formed a water polo squad. Within a few years they were already holding a candle to the star teams of Italian Serie A1. Will they eventually match up to the big names after three consecutive playoff seasons?


Original Romantic Comedy TV Fiction Series / In development

A rollercoaster affair between two foreign youngsters in London starts in the 90s and surprisingly heats up again in actual times. Is this a new beginning or are they ghosts from the past? Set during two of the most significant decades of contemporary London, the series is genuinely styled with everything that made the 90s so originally open and acts as a bridge between the authenticity of that old world and today’s London.

Project package is available upon request.


Original TV doc series / In development

There’s no town with no sound! 10 friends from 10 countries. In this quirky and feel-good music & travel tale, a saxophonist sneaks into joints and streets of three different continents, in need to reunite with his lost jamming buddies.

Project package is available upon request.


Short films are made for walking!!

People love watching entertaining and longer storytelling while gradually skip watching traditional TVCs. Think of any film genre (drama, suspense, action, sci-fi, rom-com, period, documentary etc); give it a duration of five minutes top and then place a brand, a product, a service or a message in the storyline. Brands can now commission eye-catching memorable shorts in which, their products, services or messages drive the story. Smart branded short films effectively give any brand’s culture and aesthetics away. People identify instantly with the brand and awareness is communicated in a silken fashion.

“A Photographer’s Tale”

Client: Adonis Kekidakis Photography
Creative & Filmmaker: Haris Donias


Client: Novoville
Creative: Tassos Daris
Animator & Art Director: Yiannis Chrysakis
Producer: Haris Donias

“Every Dream Needs an Action”

Client: TEDx Alexandroupolis
Director & Producer: Haris Donias
DOP: Theophilos Gerondopoulos


We develop, finance, produce and deliver character-driven feature length films/docs and TV series/docs as well as branded work.
For us it’s all about people and their stories!

Single Films is an award-winning creative and production hub. We share original stories and spark conversations, boosting energy through quotable films. We trust that we are sharp storytellers and fun to be around. Our stories profile easy-to-identify characters and our branded work showcases people as well. We’d like our audience to gain knowledge, to be curious, to be driven, to react, to be entertained and to feel very well about it.


We are a considerable multinational team who joined in producing original content and adepts at strengthening brands. We’re skillful producers, a brave strategic planner, a wonderful account director, a fascinating creative director, copywriters, film directors, writers and filmmakers, who are great storytellers and fun to be around.

Haris Donias

Haris is an acclaimed award-winning director & producer. Having worked in iconic metropolises of four key countries of the western world he’s been observant and streetwise all the way. He believes that anybody can appreciate a tale well told. People worldwide have implicitly an eye for good stories. Haris likes pioneering storytelling that simplifies complex meanings in style rather than displaying gilded creativity. He works on narrative with long term expectancy and adds a touch of ephemeral impressionisms if they’re reasonably needed. He’s been directing unfading work since the late 90s. He’s also a flourishing producer when challenged by achieving hotshot ROI with limited resources. High budgets will make him deliver higher-flying projects eventually. He was awarded at the Arclight Documentary Film Festival in Hollywood and also at the Corto & Fieno Rural Film Festival in Italy. He was nominated at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival and at the Spanish MTV music video awards.

Nicolas Stoppa

Nicolas is a skillful, righteous, visionary, inspiring and inventive producer. His personal roots are traced between two cinematic Mediterranean Riviera-coasts, the picturesque Costa Brava in Spain and the infamous classical Liguria in Italy but his individual ethical mastery was built in the epitome of the European idea, the city of Brussels in Belgium. He is a fruitful crossroad for artists from all over the world. He’s naturally approached by poets, sculptors, musicians and refined songwriters to name a few. During rigorous times, when there’s need for newfound beliefs he is the one to give that convincing push and kick-start new fascinating doable journeys. He is free-spirited and a unique problem solver.

Celina Alvarado

Celina has worked in traditional media as a promo producer and film director for ad campaigns in Madrid and, later in New York as an interaction designer in digital advertising for Saatchi&Saatchi, Deutsch, Code&Theory, Tribal DDB, among others. With a profound belief in the power of storytelling, she has moved into the realm of creative direction at Single Films where she hopes to contribute to its drive for beauty and humanity. Her multimedia art projects have been shown in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul. Please find out more about Celina and take a look at her work:

Ritsa Vaitsi

Ritsa worked in marketing since 2008. She’s a lover of motion pictures and art. After having lived in New York for a good amount of time, she realized that home is where the heart is. Along with her extraordinary appetite for life, she ensures smooth production of branded projects. Single Films is always passionate about telling a brand’s story but inevitably, commissioners envision their own culture to begin with. Ritsa is the reliable and productive arm representing the client during all stages of creation, production and delivery of our branded short films. She’s an understanding listener with precious patience, who effectively adds the commissioner’s exquisite input to the decisions made by our creative and production team. She coordinates each production’s required resources ensuring the impeccable work flow.

Corinne Genestay

Corinne is a multi-awarded independent strategic planner; some call her a creative planner. She likes to simplify the big picture for all parties involved. She likes to combine analytical strength and intuition to create something brave. She likes to inspire others to dare, to go further and to aim for the best. Please find out more about Corinne and take a look at her work:


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